Sunday, July 15, 2012


hey all!

life has been busy for me, yes, but i wouldn't ask for it any other way! 


Tuesday, 10th july - had an event at KL Golf & Country Club for the official launch of Victoria Crest. their very elegant sounding name belies the fact that they are a manufacturer of premium ready made halal foods ; think burger patties, sausages, and pies.

Wednesday, 11th july - attended the GNC event for the launch of their new collagen range at Hilton Doubletree KL.

Thursday, 12th july - TWG official media launch at pavilion. this event was awesome! it was very english high tea, with delicately gold tipped teacups and saucers, beautiful live orchestra music, and guests dressed up to the nines. obviously the food served was a major factor ; wagyu beef burgers, seared chicken breast, other cold savories i know not the name of. and the deserts, oh! hazelnut truffle cream puffs, mango tarts with gold leaf, chocolate eclairs, decadent raspberry with cream on top of macaroon shells, they were simply divine.

Friday, 13th july - mum's birthday at Victoria Station / darling nicole came to stay with us for one night.

Saturday, 14th july - worked and ran at Shape Night Run, Putrajaya. a more detailed post to follow.


it's picture time! :)


starting off with an outfit post 
top - $5, cotton on australia (actually you can get the exact same top here but my aunt got it for me so yeah)
skirt - rm30, cotton on
belt - rm5, cotton on
bag - rm50, blook


lunchtime at work!
- baked beans 
- hardboiled eggs mashed with soy sauce
- 5 jacobs wholegrain biscuits


- hardboiled eggs
- shredded chicken + mushrooms
- baked beans


breakfast - banana chocolate oatmeal. just add cocoa powder to your regular oatmeal.


at the victoria crest event. VC claims to be 95-98% fat free, without and fillers or stabilisers, and uses only the choice parts of the animal (chicken breast, lamb shank, beef loin / rump) and their efforts certainly showed through. most sausages are lacking in taste and have a mushy texture, but theirs were full-flavored, with the meat showing through. now that's what i call quality!

some pieces of sausages (from a pleasing variety ; lamb & cranberry, smoked chicken, lamb & beef, chicken cheese, etc), a small slice of pie, a spoonful of potato salad, and a healthy load of cherry tomatoes.

they may be manufacturers of meat products, but me here loved the cherry tomatoes that were on the buffet table. honestly, the best cherry tomatoes i've ever eaten.


when cousins lishan and daniel came to stay with us for a few days.


reading in popular while waiting to be picked up from pyramid.


brandon lying in front of a fan during a break between captainball games.


people sitting around discussing i dunno what.

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