Tuesday, July 3, 2012


here's another pic-cap post, because i have no lengthy details about my life to regale you with at the moment. 


one of the days when i got a lift to taylors lakeside campus after work. it's not my doorstep, but i'm still thankful because it certainly beats having to travel the whole distance from the BluInc office. 


banana, a peanutbutter / chocolate oatmeal bar, and oatmeal with bananas / raisins. this was one of the days when i was feeling very snack-ey. had a lot to eat on this particular day! but that's okay. some days you eat more, and some days you eat less. i believe that as long as you eat moderately most of the time, you're doing fine.


halfway through one of my workouts. on the same day that the picture #2 was taken, i went to the gym fuelled to the top and just raring to go. smashed through more than 13km and it felt awesome! i still had energy to keep going, but sadly time did not permit me to do so.


a hardboiled egg as a snack. if you don't already know that i love protein, well, you do now!


latest fancy schmancy toothbrush that oral-b sent us. odd as it may be, magazines get sent all kinds of things. recently, someone sent us a lowfat version of santan as well, haha!


lunch - spinach and shiitake / oyster mushrooms. i am SO thankful that there's a mixed rice stall near the office. 


cooked dinner for myself the other day. sliced button mushrooms, chopped onions, and eggs with some tomato puree on the side. tomato puree is a much better option than tomato sauce because it consists of 100% tomato, hence it weighs in at only 33cals for 100g. on the other hand, tomato sauce has lots of sugar, salt, and other substances added to it and is way heftier in calories. fyi, i NEVER eat tomato sauce.


while we have chocolate chip cookies, we also have healthy vegies going around the office! baby carrot that zainab gave to me.

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