Tuesday, July 10, 2012



meal 1, 0800hrs
- baked beans
- 2 hardboiled eggs
- papaya
- coffee

snack, 1100hrs
- one slice of wholegrain bread with sugarfree peanutbutter
- half of a peanutbutter nature valley health bar

meal 2, 1300hrs
- spinach
- one block of tofu
- chicken breast

snack, 1600hrs
- papaya
- yogurt
- oats

meal 3, 2030hrs
- sardines
- 2 pieces of wholegrain bread with sugarfree peanutbutter


today was a rather chill day in the office, the reason being that we'd closed the magazine (as in sent it off to the printers after finalizing everything) just a day or two ago. hence we've all stopped to take a deep breath at the moment. spent the day reading health blogs / websites, making a few calls to clients, and going through sources for future articles. better appreciate this lull while it lasts!

as i mentioned before, magazines get sent all kinds of stuff. we've been just stockpiling everything, to the point of bursting. today, deputy editor michele decided that we have to clear out all the stuff. it was so fun to be able to discuss and choose what we wanted from the collection that we have! creams, toners, polishes, blushers, masks, scrubs, lipsticks, glosses, the lot! and from good brands such as loreal, sisley, clarins, cellnique, benefit, schwarzkopf, laura mercier, origins and others. 

i would have been glad to have gotten anything at all since i'm only a lowly intern, heh! however the others were kind enough to share out the stuff with me as well, ended up with a shampoo + conditioner set, bb cream, toner, facial moisturizer, and a lip balm. :D 

well that's all for my monday!


over the previous weekend, i had COPA IBA captainball tournament on saturday, then a dinner gathering on sunday. didn't take any pics though (i know, i know, i'm a bad blogger) so i'm waiting to see what comes up on facebook to share with you guys here.

til then, ciaoz!

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