Thursday, July 12, 2012


it would be great if i could spend all day in the kitchen to make healthy home cooked food for every meal . but let's face it, now that i've had a glimpse of what the working life is like, i know that it's not easily feasible nor practical. however, i still think i've managed to eat pretty healtily.

no matter who you are or what you're doing, eating a nutritious and balanced diet is important for everyone! here's some advice for those who have to spend long hours in the office, or long hours sitting through back to back lectures.


Prep early
when i cook at home, i usually make more than one serving. once i'm done cooking, i set aside a portion for my meal and box up the remainder to go in the freezer. alternately, you could also use leftovers from yesterday's dinner. in the office the next day, i just set it in the microwave for a few minutes and i have a healthy homecooked meal without much trouble at all! another plus is that i get to save money since i don't have to buy food. one dish i've been eating quite frequently is baked beans + eggs (just combine the two and microwave, you don't even need to use any oil!) one very very versatile food i've found to be, is eggs. hardboiled, microwaved, scrambled, you can prepare them in so many ways and they're so yummy and nutritious!

seriously, i love eggs. :)

Plan ahead
for example, today i'd already planned what i was going to eat, keeping in mind to have a good balance of protein, carbs, and fibre. when i reached the office, i had a slice of wholegrain bread + natural peanutbutter for a midmorning snack. my boxed lunch was baked beans + 2 eggs, at teatime i had some plain yogurt with a drizzle of honey and then later oatmeal. make an effort to meet your requirement from all the food groups as well as taking into consideration the vitamins / minerals that they provide.

If it's not there, you can't eat it
while it may be a good idea to some to keep a store of food in the office, personally it would never work for me. why? because i'd be likely to keep munching out of boredom! for instance, i love the jacobs wholegrain biscuits (you can have 6 biscuits for only 105cals) but i'm pretty sure i would definitely eat more than 6 if i had a tin of them sitting on my desk. hence, i only bring 6-8 biscuits each time. that way, there's no chance of me overdoing it. ;)

Eat on schedule
rather than have a huge meal in one go at lunchtime or mindlessly snack throughout the day, it is my personal opinion that it is more beneficial to split up your food intake into a few slots. my allotted eating times and example of foods i normally eat would be something like this :

1030hrs - midmorning snack (half a health bar, one slice of wholegrain bread + peanutbutter)
1230hrs - lunch (lean protein + vegies, e.g. spinach / tofu, baked beans / egg, chicken breast / cabbage, mushrooms / egg, tuna / tomatoes)
1530hrs - tea (yogurt, papaya)
1700hrs - snack (oatmeal)

by breaking up your meals into smaller portions and eating more frequently, you never go hungry and are able to have more variety!


do you have any other advice or thoughts on this topic? drop a comment and i might just make another post about it! :)

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