Sunday, June 3, 2012


Anonymous said :
    Hi Cheryl,great to know another fellow runner. Can I know where did u buy Chicken Soup for Soul: Runners? Been looking for it.

My reply :
    thank you for dropping by my blog! in answer to your question, i got mine from the MPH at Subang Parade. i'm not exactly sure of the price but i think it was around Rm50.


by the way, just a few days ago i chopped off my fringe. instead, i now have bangs!

before, with my normal side fringe. this was taken right after extracting my teeth (for braces) which explains the cotton gauze i'm biting in my mouth.

after, with my bangs.
(yes i know there is a crocodile behind tzelin and i. we were in the kids sunday school room.)

just so you know, i cut the bangs myself. i've been cutting my own fringe since i was about 16 so it wasn't something that was completely new to me. 

comments comments? :)

1 comment:

  1. nice nice nice! its for keeps definitely! you should never grow them out ever! :D