Friday, June 8, 2012


there is no milk in my house. i cannot drink coffee or make oats. 
there is no bread either. i cannot eat peanut butter with honey. 

none of my favourite breakfast foods are available! I AM SAD.
(no apples for me, they are strictly forbidden with my braces on - will post a picture soon)

nevertheless, i still needed to eat breakfast + lunch, or if you wish to call it that, brunch (since i woke up late) and a healthy one at that! it is now 2.30pm and  here's what i've eaten so far

  • two bowls of plain unsweetened yogurt
  • one very ripe, very large indian mango
  • one whole egg + three egg whites

going out with the youth soon for our weekly captainball session, followed by a thanksgiving dinner after! wishing and praying that the food at dinner will not only be healthy, but braces-friendly as well. tricky, i know, but here's to hoping!


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