Monday, June 11, 2012


through the mind of a masscom student, 
Pic-Cap : picture-caption, a series of pictures with short captions for elaboration. 

which is precisely what this post is made of.


taken after a very satisfying, hard-fought game of captainball. winning a tough game always makes the victory that much sweeter!

like my purple reebok top? i got it from SHAPE as well. 

right before getting in the car to go to the orthodontist for braces. 

BAM! and the braces are on! they will be on for another two years max. my teeth hurt like crazy for the first few days, and even now the wire keeps getting stuck in my cheek. 

post-braces food. thank goodness i actually like foods like tofu and yogurt. all the more excuse to eat them now!

breakfast for today.
- coffee made with pure ground coffee, honey, brown sugar, and lowfat milk
- 100% natural peanutbutter with honey on wholegrain toast
- rolled oats made with lowfat milk, plus some cinnamon and raisins.

my teeth have somewhat improved and i can eat certain solids again. however i need to use my hands to tear the crust of the bread into bite sized pieces and put them into my mouth. doing so with my teeth are out of the question because it feels as though someone is trying to gouge my teeth out of my mouth with an icepick!

been wearing the asics on my runs as i plan to take them along for the ride during KL marathon (21km) and i can't wait! it's gonna be on the 24th of june, which is just next sunday! 

posing i dunno what hehe. during one of my night runs.

ate this the day before fixing my braces. if you're in a coffeeshop and see no healthy food around, then a steamed chicken breast in light soy sauce from the chicken rice stall is an excellent low fat / high protein option.

maxi dress which i really liked, but didn't get. its not like i have anywhere to go or anyone to impress anyway, haha.

although asymmetrical skirts have been popular for some time now, i have never cared to get a piece as the ones i have seen, have always been ridiculously overpriced not to mention none of them have suited me.

but i came across this one which met my taste pretty well, and only at rm23.90 too. outta the way b*tches, this one's mine. what? no shopping for the rest of this year? nonsense! i must have been delusional when i said that.

the day when San Francisco coffee came to our front door and made us all very happy when they set up a booth for free coffee. 

another outfit post
dress - cotton on, rm15
belt - cotton on, rm23
necklace - diva, rm10
sunnies - padini, rm33
flats - bata, rm20

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