Thursday, June 21, 2012


here's another photo of me when i just cut my bangs. :)

only three days stand between me and the Standard Chartered KL Marathon.
a distance of 21km.
in three days.

bring it on! 

oh, look what arrived in the post for me at the beginning of this week! :)


i haven't been running much (actually, at all) this week as i read somewhere that it's preferential to run your hardest 3-4weeks before a marathon, then gradually shave off the miles from there. the last week prior to the marathon, you're supposed to take it easy and not strain yourself at all. this is so your body gets all the rest it needs to recharge and be fully ready for the big day.

one of the funner things about running a marathon, is the carb-loading. carbohydrates are digested and stored as glycogen, which serves as a ready source of fuel for your body to tap into. a 10k doesn't call for much carb-loading, but a half or more does.

some runners take this opportunity to indulge in all the pizza, pasta, breadsticks, pastries, lasagna, mashed potatoes, pie, cakes, and pudding they can get their hands on. however i find that after following a healthy diet for so long, i don't crave or even like those things as much as i used to. a bite or two of chocolate mud cake is ok, but three slices? i don't think i could stomach that.

so here's some of the things i have planned for my pre-marathon diet. obviously i won't be able to get all the things on my list, neither will i be consuming every single one (that would be an overload), but i like to humor myself and imagine the deliciousness of eating all of them :)

pre-marathon :
wholegrain bread
peanut butter
sweet potatoes
wholegrain bagels
wholegrain muffins
boiled potatoes

obviously, post-marathon food is just as important for muscle repair and recovery, so protein needs to make a show.

post-marathon :
hardboiled eggs
peanut butter
wholegrain bread
lowfat milk


some people ask me if i'm prepared. well with the marathon already so close, if i'm not ready now then i'm not ready at all.

will i be able to do it? i've trained too hard and too much to even doubt myself. 

of course i'll finish it!
it's just a matter of how long i'll take. fingers crossed for a sub 2:30 timing!

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