Thursday, June 28, 2012


hello guys!

first off, this picture is for you because i just heart all my readers like that :)

so i know i've been missing for about 5 days already, a significant duration considering the average frequency of my posts. there's so much a have to fill you in on  - obviously one of them is running my first half marathon in SCKLM. thing is, i'm just so loaded with stuff that i haven't got round to it yet. but i will, promise.

i miss blogging, but i miss running more. haven't laced on my kicks since last sunday!

just did 7km after i got back from the office today, and boy did it feel good!
although i haven't been posting for a while, that doesn't mean i'm just sitting around twiddling my thumbs! interning takes up a lot of my time, i usually leave home at 9am and only get back around 7pm (that's if i'm lucky.) besides that, cousins from aussie are staying with my family for a week, and we've been taking them around. every day after work, i've been going out and coming back late.

nevertheless, i'm having a ball juggling everything keeping it all up in the air. yes i'm super busy, but i'm also having a great time at the moment!

will update more when i have time. for now, here are some pictures to appease you.


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