Saturday, June 16, 2012


after i published my previous post, it really got me thinking. i was mulling over everything i'd said when i went to bed last night and even when i woke up today morning.

and the conclusion that i have come to, is this - if you are going to make a change, 

don't do it because you think that it'll give you a better chance with that guy have your eye on.
don't do it because other people tell you you're not good enough. 
don't do it because you think that being thin = being pretty = a chance to hang out with the 'in' crowd.

because guys will come and go. because people who are truly your friends will stick with you, while those who aren't, will leave eventually. because being 'cool' will be seem less appealing as you grow up and realize that there are so many more wonderful, nice, and kind people out there who don't give a sh*t about what's 'in' or 'cool', and neither should you.

expecting everyone to change, just because you have? that will be only setting yourself up for disappointment. people don't change, and you can't make them. but the person you CAN change, is yourself.


you want to lose weight? you want to get fit? you want to look good?

do it for you, because you want to be a better person. make it a promise to yourself and keep it. when you do all these things, it really does improve who you are. 

you may say that it's selfish, or vanity. to those who say so, i still stand by what i'm saying now. no matter what, i believe that that is how it is supposed to be. 

i am no advocate of starving yourself and depriving the body that God has blessed you with. what i do believe in? i believe in honouring your body and taking the effort to treat yourself as how you deserve. when you shower your body with lots of love by nourishing it with healthy foods, strengthening it with exercise, and giving it the rest it needs through sleep, your body WILL respond accordingly by changing for the better.

when you're healthier, 
you will look better, 
you'll have more confidence, 
you'll be happier, 
you'll have more energy,
you'll be more cheerful,
and the list goes on.

when you're all those things, it will result in you being more able to influence those around you positively. you'll be able to be a better friend, daughter, sister, student, employee.

if you want things in your life to improve, change is unlikely to happen through other people. are you going to sit around and wait for someone else to help you out of a rut? i'd say it would be much wiser not to mention much more empowering, to take charge of your own life and MAKE things happen for you!

do it for you, and change yourself for the better! :)

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