Tuesday, June 19, 2012


i was at a dinner recently, and the waiters were carving up a whole lamb to be served to us guests. standing in line, i got bored and decided to make conversation with the couple of guys waiting next to me.

me : hey guys, y'know Mary Had A Little Lamb ?
them : yeah, what about it?
me : well, not anymore!
them : ....

teeheehee aren't i so hilarious?



meal 1, 0800hrs
- rolled oats made with milk and sprinkled with raisins
- coffee

meal 2, 1300hrs
- spinach
- cabbage
- one homemade chocolate chip cookie

snack, 1630hrs
- two slices of papaya
- rolled oats made with milk and sprinkled with raisins

meal 3, 2100hrs
- spinach
- tofu

snack, 2200hrs
- coffee
- 100% peanutbutter with honey on wholegrain bread


elen from sales offered me a chocolate chip cookie today! who am i to be rude and say no? so i graciously accepted. hell of a delicious cookie it was too. :)

while i was doing some washing up in the pantry this lady asked me to help her replace the empty water dispenser tank. although my hands were wet and slippery i agreed ; because i'm nice like that. i dropped my end of the tank, it crashed onto the floor and broke. for a while it looked like the pantry was flooded. called in a guy from Men's Health for help, what two females were unable to do together he was able to successfully complete alone. i was tempted to say "well if there hadn't been any soap on my hands i'm sure i would have been able to get it done on my own too!", heh!

went to OneUtama to return all the stuff we'd borrowed from the stores to use from our shoots - Vincci, Sun Paradise, Roxy, Reebok, and others. y'know those girls you see lugging around huge bags of branded / designer goods, who step out of the mall, hail a cab and whizz off as though they have all the money in the world? news flash - some of them are magazine writers and most of us are not rich at all. we have to return the goods in perfect condition (any defects will result in us digging into our pockets to pay for the item) and the cab ride will be claimed from the company.

finished my article on meal replacement drinks (MRDs) for weight loss, a tad challenging as MRDs are not something i have extensive knowledge on. tell me to write about running, nutrition, self image, all that i can rattle off things from the top of my head. however i had to scour the web for info on this one, and it wasn't THAT much of a help either as there aren't many in-depth references for MRDs.

planned to go for a run when i got back, but when i reached home my mum told me that there was a water cut today. hence i had to cancel the run because running = getting sweaty = longer-than-average shower = use of more water. so no run today. oh well, i'll try to work something in tomorrow!

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