Wednesday, June 6, 2012


woke up and mooched around at home a coupla saturdays back. i had no particular plans for that day. i would run in the evening, i decided. then i slunk back into my life in front of the tube. i was a vegetative amoeba, a apathetic lump.

then suddenly, a message from weihan. he was asking if i wanted in on rock climbing.
when? i asked
in two hours. he replied.

mmph. just his luck that i had nothing to do that day. 

a couple hours later, i was scaling the walls at Camp5, One Utama.


taken by one of the camp5 staff, whom it seems, has no knowledge of handling a camera.

weihan standing in between asyraf (?) and chris. 

group pic #1

group pic #2

and as expected, a girly picture taken in the ladies.

i have run out of captions.


at the end of it, i'm glad that weihan thought of inviting me as i really did enjoy myself. it didn't hurt that i really like rock climbing as well. i may not have mentioned it but i used to climb quite a bit a few years back when the nomad gym at summit was still in business. 

i took my belay test at nomad and was charged rm24. at rm15 for full day access + climbing accessories, nomad's pricing was easy to swallow.  however, the same cannot be said for Camp5, where they charge you  Rm120++ to take the test. 

since none of us had undergone Camp5's belay test, we were categorized as non-professionals and had to take the guided tour, which was Rm50 for one hour, or if you want to get technical, slightly less than a ringgit for one minute. which is bloody darned expensive.

my pocket bleeds.

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