Monday, June 4, 2012


this is a review for 100% natural peanut butter. 

as most of you may know, i read health blogs and surf nutrition websites almost daily. on these sites, i see people singing praise of 100% natural almond butters, hazelnut butters, pure cocoa butters, and various others. it got me interested, and i purchased a jar of natural peanut butter today.

before you go thinking that there is no significant difference from your typical skippys or goobers, allow me to clarify myself. most peanut butters are actually processed substances. that is to say, they have had other things added in such as hydrogenated vegetable fat or oil, salt, sugar, probably artificial flavouring as well. 

while there is nothing wrong with consuming regular peanut butter in moderate amounts, i got curious about 100% natural peanut butter. besides being mostly unprocessed, it is also touted as having more nutritional benefits than the normal variety. 

all natural peanut butter has only one ingredient - peanuts. at the most, it may also contain salt.

it is made by grinding up the peanuts until they form a paste. sometimes the peanuts are not ground completely, which results in a grainy, chunky texture. in such cases, the natural oils rise to the top while the solid nuts condense at the bottom. so what you may see when you open up a jar, is the layer of oil on top.

when that happens, don't throw away the oil!

that is peanut oil in its purest form. it is chock full of monosaturated fats, good cholesterol, and heart healthy antioxidants! what you should do if the oils and solid peanuts have separated, is grab a fork and stir everything thoroughly until they have mixed together again.

although my sister did remark that prior to mixing, it looked like someone had a case of diarrhea in the jar.. hmm! but i digress. let us carry on.

what it looks like after being mixed. sorta like chunky peanut butter, but more 'peanut' and less 'butter', if you get what i mean.

taste wise, it was a thumbs up for me! yes, i will agree that the lack of added sugar and salt does result in a different flavor than what i am accustomed with compared to normal peanut butter. however i feel that this really allowed the wholesome and natural flavour of the nuts to come through. you fully get to taste what 'real' peanut butter is truly like without an unpleasant aftertaste that comes with the supermarket variety. 

if you wanna get your hands on one as well, key words to look out for on the label would be "100% natural", "Pure" or "All natural". if you are still unsure, check the ingredients. like i mentioned above, it should have only peanuts as an ingredient. some brands may have added salt, which is still acceptable as far as my definition of natural peanut butter goes.

would i buy it again? the answer is a resounding YES. 


Sanitarium Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter

Country of origin : Australia
Price : Rm 14.90
Weight : 375g

i bought this from Jaya Grocer, but if i'm not mistaken i think you can also get it at Cold Storage, Mercato, Village Grocer, and other places which carry imported goods.

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