Saturday, May 26, 2012


if it were up to me, ideal topics of conversation would definitely cover fitness, health, nutrition, and running. which is why i find talking to like-minded people with the same approach to healthy living so appealing.

i was talking to ivan the other day about weight training. not that i weight train, but because people like us live by the same principles - discipline, perseverance, effort, etc. ivan is one of the people with whom i feel i can truly be myself, and he gets me a hundred percent. other people think i'm insane (well actually so does he sometimes) but for the most part, he really gets what i'm talking about ; why i need to push myself so hard, why this matters so much to me.

my 'deepest' conversations, and also my most comically lighthearted ones are with him. when i'm talking i don't need to filter what i say as i do to other people. with others, i tend to be more mindful of my words. however being so comfortable can be a bad thing sometimes as i do tend to say really stupid things i never really intended to let slide in the first place, heh!


ivan : *complaining to me about getting bruises and rough hands from weight training*
me : but i think bruised and rough hands are awesome!
ivan : *looks at me weirdly*
me : well i mean it's so cool to have bruises from weight lifting.. its like those soldiers who go to war and they get shot so they come back with scars. or like someone who fought off robbers and got slashed. which is wicked! or bruised hands could be a great conversation starter as well! y'know, instead of standing around awkwardly after shaking the hand of someone you just met, you could go like "uh yeah so you may have realized the bruises on my hands but that's cause i work out" and they'd be TOTALLY IMPRESSED.  :D
ivan : seriously, i have no idea how your mind works. 
me : hmmmph. i don't care what you say. bruised hands are sexy.


p.s. NO, ivan is not anyone 'special'. he is just a really good friend, even more so because he is most nearly as dedicated as i am and understands why it is so important to me.

p.p.s ivan if you see this, don't get a big head just cos i spoke highly of you here. because i will punch you. hard.

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