Wednesday, May 9, 2012


people say they want to lose weight, but what they actually mean is that they want to lose fat. because if you really mean you want to lose weight and that is truly all you care about, then here's a couple of easy and fast fixes for you *

  • chop off an arm and leg. there, you've lost a hefty amount of weight and without any sweat (literally.)
  • for one entire day, don't drink any water and constantly hop in and out of a sauna. congratulations, you have effectively dehydrated yourself but hey, you've dropped a couple pounds! **
  • shave your head bald. there, you have now lost a pound. ***

* I KID. the following methods are irrational and not recommended.
** which will be regained as soon as you resume drinking water. 
*** assuming you have really really long, really really thick hair.


it pains me to know that so many girls out there, base their worth on a number. no thanks to shows like 'The Biggest Loser' either, where contestants are judged just by what their weekly digits are. who cares how well they ate or how much effort they put into the gym, all that matters on is the number on the scale, right?

i am here to tell you this - stop saying you want to lose weight! the correct mindset should be FAT LOSS, not weight loss. if you were to drink 2 litres of water in one go, your weight would increase about a pound. that weight comes from the water, which will be passed out sooner or later. an increase in weight does not equal an increase in fats, if you get what i mean.

here's a couple of my conclusions on this whole weight / fat / muscle topic.

1. Fat takes up more volume than muscle.

observe the image above. both substances weigh a pound each, but it's clear that the fat takes up more space. THIS IS WHY i don't base my fitness level or how 'in shape' i am, on what i weigh. 

people who work out will be disappointed to see no or little change on the scale. just because the scale isn't moving, doesn't mean your body isn't changing! you might be losing fats, while at the same time putting on muscle. even if you gain a pound, you could be getting fitter and shrinking your waistline.

2. BMI is mostly a load of crap

in case you don't know how bmi (body mass index) works,

        BMI = weight (kg) / height x height (m)

as can be seen from the chart above, one can be classified from 'underweight', to 'healthy', to 'obese' based on your bmi number. in my opinion however, this is not always an accurate. why? 

this picture helps to illustrate more clearly.

both the persons in the picture are of the same height and weigh 250lbs, but notice the difference between them. one is fit and muscular while the other is flabby and unfit. however, if one were to merely use bmi as an measurement of their body composition, then the bodybuilder would also be considered as 'obese', which is purely false. furthermore, bmi does not take into account a person's bone density, muscle percentage, fat levels, their body frame, etc.


weight / bmi are very, VERY rough indicators of progress and i am a firm believer that people should not trust them completely as there can be other contributing factors to the digits displayed - fluid retention, substances that have not yet left the body (excretion), and so on. a better way to measure your achievements would be through pictures or a body composition analysis.

another really satisfying way would be to have a 'goal' outfit. pick an outfit that you would really like to wear, in the ideal size that you'd like to be. when the day comes that you can fit into it with ease, you'll know that you've done right.

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