Wednesday, May 16, 2012


the night before my first day of internship, no matter how hard i tried, i just i couldn't fall asleep cos i was so stoked.

so i decided to do what i always do.
go run.

my neighbourhood in the dead night / wee hours of morning.

the only living being still up was my neighbour's cat.

got home, and started preparing for my first day at SHAPE magazine malaysia.

  • read up on international / previous issues of SHAPE
  • assisted with product photoshoot


beamingly eager on the first day.


purple tank top - blogshop
skinnies - FOS
shoes - mum's

reached the office at 8.45am-ish, to find it still locked up. apparently the way things work in the publishing field, they're not really big on the exact 9-5pm hours as work can be done at any hour of the day. sat outside reading until other staff arrived. 

since it was only the first day, i was told to read up on previous issues of SHAPE as well as the issues from the US. 

snacking on a piece of wholegrain bread, while reading up magazines.

lunchtime at about 1pm ; they aren't really particular about what time you have your lunch either as it depends on your schedule for that day.

sliced pear, the remaining couple slices of wholegrain bread, tuna, and one ferrero rocher ;)

doesn't seem very visually appealing, but i promise it tastes a whole lot better than it looks!

  • attended an event by The Body Shop
  • went to Adidas HQ to collect apparel for a photoshoot
  • called makeup artists for said photoshoot 

freebies i got from work

The Body Shop products
New Balance shoes which i may or may not have to return

body butter, bronzer, scented oil, eyeliner, eye serum, blusher, and eyeshadow.

TBS green bag and the press kit.

New Balance shoes

  • helped out with photoshoot 
  • sourced for apparel for a future photoshoot
  • searched for recipes of malaysian food

dressed uber comfy / casual as during photoshoots you have to move around a lot - assist the models, carry things, arrange stuff, etc.

adidas apparel ready for the photoshoot!

on set.

hardboiled eggs as we had lunch late. usually we get lunch from the stalls outside, however as it was already past lunch hour there was no more chap fan / sliced fruits. grabbed these from a mamak, at 80sen per egg. 

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