Friday, May 18, 2012


just before heading to work - squinty eyed due to the harsh glare of the sun, with an apple in my hand. :)

anyway, i have so many things to tell you i hardly know where to begin!

1. Australia

first off, i have just booked a flight to the land down under! sunk a large part of my bank account into it, and i foresee that i will be spending even more. so i will not spend any more money on clothes for the rest of this year ( DON'T LAUGH ) 

jokes aside guys, i'm really serious. however people may perceive me, i am not rich. therefore i will have to save up like mad for this trip! frugality and practicality will have to take over from now. will have to steeply cut down on indulgences such as movies, meals, and shopping.

2. Shopping

speaking of shopping, i've been doing a lot of it lately. obviously, this was before i knew i'd be booking a flight to kangarooland. but as much as i like clothes as the next girl, there is also a practical reason i've been buying a lot more than i usually do.

(that awkward moment when you've lost so much weight, none of your old clothes fit and you don't know whether to laugh or cry that you have to get so many new ones and spend so much money.)

(ignore the fact that i got a bag as well even though going from an L to an S does not exactly warrant the need for a bag in a different size.)

of these tops, the pony one was the most expensive, costing only rm9.90. the rest were all rm7 or less.
you jelly? ;)

3. Internship

i've been at SHAPE for a week now and my first week there has been pretty pleasant. but that's just because it's the middle of the month, the lull in the chaos. when deadlines at the end of the month start approaching, i expect that there will be a lot of heated temperatures and yelling and stress!  

mickey and minnie mouses customized by various BluInc titles.

from left to right, i think the first / third / last are 

figher mickey - Men's Health
katy perry minnie - Seventeen
lady gaga minnie - EH!

i don't know which titles did the professor mickey and the elvis mickey.

food prep!

if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. there is food available at the workplace, however most of it consists of options such as kuey teow, mee goreng, nasi lemak, curry mee, roti canai. etc. it would be easy to just walk a few metres to get my lunch, less trouble too! but i commit to healthy eating, and preparing meals beforehand will give me no excuse not to eat healthy even if i'm at the office.

ready to be packed into tupperware, this'll give me 3 days worth of lunches.

what i used :
1 can of tuna (tuna in water / brine ONLY, none of those tuna in mayonnaise, chili tuna, tuna in oil etc)
2 tomatoes, diced (you can also use cabbage, onion, cucumber, or other vegies of your preference)
3 eggs
2 heaped tablespoons of yogurt
pinch of salt and pepper to taste 

4. Braces 

as i mentioned previously, i will be getting braces soon. however, i will have to pull out a few teeth first. tomorrow i'll be having my extractions, and this may sound crazy to some but i'm kinda excited for it! i've never been to the dentist for any problems with my teeth so it'll be interesting to have two taken out of my jaw, heh. it'll be painful you say? please, i'm so pierced i need my toes to count the number of times i've put holes into my body. 

well, that's all for now. i've been churning out a lot of picture-and-caption posts lately, so i hope you guys found this post more interesting and substantial in content in comparison! :)

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