Monday, May 28, 2012


among a slew of other things, one thing i really like about being in the journalism field is that the dress code is pretty lax. in college, there is a strict dress code that i have to adhere to because as quoted by my lecturers, "this is for your own good when you enter the corporate world!" however, i fail to see how the college dress code is relevant to me as people in journalism tend to dress as they wish (so long as they don't walk around in their birthday suit almost anything covering up their bits and pieces is acceptable.)

people always tell me i dress well. i get quite a number of them enquiring about where i get my clothes / how much i got them for. most of their jaws hit the floor when i answer their questions, heh. i suppose i do dress quite presentably, given the money i spend on my outfits. so i decided to do a fashion what-i-wore diary for last week. now guys, i'm sharing my jealously guarded secrets with you, so i do hope you appreciate this!

here you go!



floral dress - times square, rm25
belt - times square, rm24
flats - bata, rm20


pink dress - amor boutique @taipan, rm27
navy blue bag - sachs @parkson, rm80 (actually it was rm250++ but i got it on discount)


purple long top - kitschen, rm15.90
compression leggings - free (got them from one of our SHAPE advertisers.)
pink sneakers - adidas (from SHAPE as well)


tank dress - kitschen, rm19.90
owl necklace - random shop on one of the north-south highway rest areas, rm12
stripey cardigan - blogshop, rm20
beaded wedge sandals - bata, rm35-ish (can't remember the exact price)
purple watch - daiso, rm5

no fashion post for thursday because i was in a rush that day.


more random / food pix.


i tend to mosey over to men's health quite a bit when i need to stretch my legs. found this on one of my excursions, and i was going gaga over it. i mean, given this digital era, film negatives are practically ancient relics! the MH designer, steve, saw how excited i was and gave it to me. :)


horley's sculpt for women protein powder that i got (again, for free.) other girls may want their ginseng / birds nest / what do girls drink for beauty these days anyway? but give me protein any day and i'm a happy camper!


actually there is healthy food near the office but i wasn't aware of it yet on my first week. the chapfan auntie will be seeing a lot of me at her stall for the next three months.

brought in my essentials for making oats. now i can haz oats in the office as well!


a sticky note from adelina asking for my help for something, and a piece of royce chocolate. :)


asics gel cumulus 13 which i got FOR FREE. prior to this i was only able to admire asics from the glossy pages of Runners World, but due to their hefty price tag never imagined i would ever be own a pair. 

when asics called, my ears perked up but i kept quiet as i know i'm only the lowly intern, so why should i deserve anything at all? but i never knew how generous my editor could be, she told me that i could have a pair as well! 


*dances a happy jig*

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