Wednesday, April 11, 2012


in pursuit of fitness and health, i've been doing my best to always eat healthily, sleep well, and train as hard as i can. however, it may be hard for one to keep track and see significant results of any efforts, unless they make solid goals, and fulfill those commitments as best as they can.

last year, i had already been determined to join Penang Bridge International Marathon, 21km. sadly, being an amateur without an accurate idea of how one should prepare, i just threw myself right into the deep end, bit off more than i could chew and came out limping with runner's knee.

i still wanted to join PBIM 2011, and hoped against hope that i would recover in time. as the date of the race neared and no signs of my injury abating, i made my decision. though perseverance is good, there are times when one has to know the difference between foolishness and the former. therefore, with head over heart, i opted out.

nevertheless, i never stopped believing that i would make a full recovery, and one day be able to complete a half marathon. even though i was injured, i was still able to walk, and i did just that - i walked all through out my injury, because it was not about conquering a half marathon, it was more than that. it was about conquering the person i had once been, the former me who would not have been able to do it and replacing her with a brand new, stronger, more confident, girl. someone with and an ironclad desire to grit her teeth through pain and still fight for what she wanted.

PBIM came and went, and although i did not compete, i learned invaluable lessons. i learnt how to appreciate what i had - the fact that i had a capable body, i learnt patience, tolerance, and perseverance. i have now healed, and although my injury was an inconvenience, i am grateful for it. for how else would we get stronger if not by overcoming challenges in our path? how else would we better ourselves if we do not face hardships and difficulties and learn how to rise above them?


people say good things come to those who wait, but i beg to differ ; that is not how it always is. 

i think that more often, good things come to those who GET UP and WORK THEIR ASS OFF to earn it. i did not sit around just hoping and wishing that i were fitter, slimmer, or faster. i put my sweat and soul to earn what i have now. you call me conceited, arrogant, whatever suits your fancy. but honestly, it won't bother me in the least.

  - from my highest weight i have lost approximately 12kgs, i now weigh about 49kgs.
  - although i have decreased in weight i have packed on lean muscle, my current muscle mass stands at 30% of my whole person.
  - i have whittled down my body fat to less than 20% and still am on my way down, i plan on getting to 15% and staying there.
  - i can run more than 22km in a day, and still plan on doing more than that.

call me boastful? i see nothing wrong with being aware of what i have achieved. nevertheless, although i do feel that what i have achieved is significant in measure, there is still more, so much more that i can do. this is not a quest in vanity to be skinny or attractive. it may have certainly started out that way, when i was unhappy and uncomfortable with my appearance at a time. but it is not that way any longer - this is a lifelong journey for a healthy body, mind and soul.

on the 24th of june, i will be running 21km in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. i hope to achieve at least a target of 2:30hrs. i will be simply elated if i manage to do that! however, should i not make the stipulated time, the main thing is that i do my best, and finish the race.

if you are interested in joining as well, all you have to do is go to the KL Marathon website and sign up! registration closes at the end of may, but you should sign up now while there is still ample time. 


what are you waiting for?
click and sign up!

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