Monday, April 23, 2012


i'm not done with assignments yet, but i'm here because i have the crazy need to scratch my itch to blog. blogging is sort of a comfort zone for me, somewhere i can destress, release my tensions, and refocus my energies before getting on.

i have three assignments due tomorrow. i have already finished two written assignments, and the only one that's left is a website design assignment. 

sigh, design is so tricky! you may think that you've gotten a decent one down, but then when your lecturer shakes his head 'no', there's no point arguing either as design is a very subjective topic and there's no right or wrong answer. it's not like law or marketing where facts are facts ; design is interpreted differently by each individual and one man's meat may be another man's poison. it's not like i don't try, i do, but somehow design and i are like oil and water - we just don't get along.

anyway, i shall just tell you guys what i've been up to lately.


went for an orthodontist consultation a few days ago, guess why? 

yup, yours truly is going to be sporting metal tracks on her teeth soon.  

i've always had teeth which are not exactly aligned, but never really bothered much as the imperfection is not THAT bad.

the reason i'm doing it now, is because there has been a shift in their position. (why yes, teeth can move even if you're in your teens or also adulthood!)

i was rather freaked out when i realized, and started worrying in case they shifted even more. what if i were to end up with a mouthful of really crooked teeth? the horror! i decided that prevention is better than cure, and i had better fix the problem while still in its early stages.


went shopping with mum last sunday, and here's what i got.

just the basics - a pair of black flats, a white tee, and dark blue skinnies.

the skinnies, they're from Pilcro and the Letterpress, a british brand if im not mistaken and their original price was 118pounds. but i got them for dirt cheap, yay!

as everyone knows, new skinny jeans are rather stiff and starchy for the first few wears, after which they become comfy-ier and softer. since i do not want to be self consciously tugging at them when i wear them out for the first time, i have come up with a genius plan. i will be wearing them around the house to 'break them in' and soften them first, then they will be much more comfortable! sometimes i'm so brilliant i surprise even me, hah.

i know i said i wouldn't be buying any more shoes, but i will be starting internship soon and by the sound of it, i'll be running around a lot - helping with photoshoots, shopping for fashion spreads, assisting with styling, picking up other items and getting involved with events so i NEED a pair of classier yet comfortable shoes that can be matched with everything. the flats are from bata and they were so expensive ;( but mum and i had searched everywhere for a suitable pair so when we found these we were like "aiya can't be bothered to look anymore, just get them"
registration for the Men's Health - Shape Night Run 2012 has officially opened! 

categories available will be 
  • women's senior veteran : 11.8km
  • women's open : 11.8km
  • fun run : 5km
i will be joining the women's open 11.8km! 
how about you? :)

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