Saturday, April 14, 2012


remember when i told you guys i was going for an internship interview, i mentioned that it would be something related to writing and health / fitness? and also, remember that i said i would let you know if i had been successful?

so say hello to the newest member of SHAPE magazine malaysia!

i got the notice a few days ago but wanted to wait til i received the official acceptance letter before running off and spreading the news to the whole world. y'know, in case they actually made a mistake and didn't want me after all. and that, would have been totally embarrassing after having told everyone about it.

but no worries, i got in! :)


alright, that's enough celebrating. now it's back to assignments. this coming week will be the final week of classes before study break and subsequently, my finals.

between now and tuesday, i have to 
   - edit a video for my very much detested adobe director assignment. Adobe Director, Y U BE SO DIFFICULT? D:
   - design an ad for a travel agency
   - come up with an informational copy for the travel agency brochure
   - finish a social psychology composition of the topic 'Social Networks and Their Effect on Romantic Relationships'
   - study for an advertising copywriting test.

the only people who don't break a sweat over college, must be people like him.

well, gotta bounce!

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