Sunday, April 8, 2012


Sunday, 8th April 2012

interesting parts of some conversations which i had recently.

while sitting with ian during a long trip 
me : do you have any pets?
ian : no, because i can't control my eating.
    *awkward silence*
me : what do you mean by that? you eat the animals up?
ian : huh?
me : i asked if you have any pets.
ian : oh! i thought you meant PECS. no, i don't.
me : don't have what, pets or pecs? 
ian : both.

rushing to church yesterday. called ivan to ask what the situation was.

me : ivanivanivan, you at church now? is everyone there already?
ivan : yes i'm at church. where are you?
me : at home, coming soon.
ivan : well hurry up everyone's waiting!
me : hey ivan 
ivan : what?
me : is there anything to eat at church? i'm hungry.
ivan : gosh you, NO. and get here quick!



meal 1, 0730hrs
- coffee
- oats
- one fuji apple

meal 2, 1130hrs
- 4 egg whites

meal 3, 1530hrs
- 2 slices of papaya
- 2 slices of watermelon

snack, 1730hrs
- one slice of wholegrain bread
- a handful of grapes

meal 4, 2100hrs
- two bowls of 'kiam chai' (pickled veggie) soup
- one boiled chicken breast

meal 5, 2200hrs
- one fuji apple
- oats
- coffee


  • easter service at church in the morning, followed by a lively worship session with the sunday school kids and a very interesting bible study. i'm still not satisfied with how our discussion went! ivan, ian and tzekwang, it shall be continued!
  • parade after that to spend rm30 in free parkson vouchers. i know you're reading this, so thank you melvin! :) however it was prolly not such a good decision to spend it at parade cos the parkson there doesn't really have a wide selection. got a bag from peacocks in the end.
  • running when i came back, 12km. would have continued a few km more but it started raining. 
  • i don't know what i'm doing sitting here blogging when i have a test in less than 24hours, gahh.

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