Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Wednesday, 4th April 2012


meal 1, 0630hrs
- one fuji apple
- oats
- coffee

meal 2, 1130hrs
- spinach
- cabbage
- tofu
- one egg white

meal 3, 1600hrs
- oatmeal
- one fuji apple
- one slice multigrain bread

meal 4, 2100hrs
- few slices of roast duck breast
- four sticks of beef satay
- oatmeal
- four egg whites
- coffee
- one fuji apple

oh wow, didn't realize how much i actually ate for dinner. mmph, whatevs, its still all clean eating anyway, and i also ran 10km+ today!


  • showed my resume to my student supervisor, he said it looked impressive. well we'll see how 'impressive' it gets for potential employers.
  • was supposed to have a group meeting and run through a presentation which is due on friday. however almost two hours from the scheduled time of the supposed appointment, sitting in starbucks alone waiting for the others to show up, i gave up on waiting and bailed. so no meeting, but hey, its only a presentation, no sweat.
  • night run around my neighbourhood, 10.5km.
  • hyping myself up for an interview tomorrow! won't say where it is, because i don't want to jinx it and also to save face ._. but seriously, i really, REALLY want this position. even as an intern, it's something that is very important to me! i'll give you a clue, it's to do with two of the things i'm madly passionate about - health / fitness, which i've been interested in for more than a year now, and writing, which i've engaged with throughout my whole life.

if i'm successful with the interview and manage to secure the position, i'll let you guys know. if not, i'll go hide in a dark hole, wallow in self pity, then eventually crawl out of my seclusion to find another company but at least no one will know where i failed, heh. 

wish me luck! :)



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