Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DAY IN THE LIFE #10 : 25/04/2012

Wednesday, 25th April 2012

ivan : you're crazy.
me : i'm focused. isn't that a good thing?
ivan : you are not 'focused'. you're obsessed. you're paranoid. in fact, you give a whole new definition to the word paranoid.

conversation from a couple days ago, don't know whether to take it as a bad thing or a compliment to how relentless and fiercely driven i can be. on typing that, i think i'll take it as a compliment, hah. and the funny thing is that i'm not even halfway through with what i intend to be. if you think that the person you see right now is 'a whole new definition of paranoid', you ain't seen nothing yet!


meal 1, 0700hrs
- rolled oats
- one red apple
- coffee

meal 2, 1200hrs
- wholegrain bread
- stirfried veggies + egg
- another red apple

meal 3, 1500hrs
- two slices papaya
- watermelon

snack, 1700hrs
- one piece italian wheat bread

meal 4, 2200hrs
- one slice wholegrain bread
- stirfried vegies
- two pieces of popiah

meal 5, 2300hrs
- two handfuls of peanuts
- coffee
- one red apple
- rolled oats


  • 7am, woke up and started work on assignments.
  • 12pm, headed to college to dump off all my assignments (finally!) before going shopping with mum again. bought another pair of the same skinnies as in my previous post, cos they really are THAT nice, and cheap as well.
  • 5pm, walked to MPSJ to run on the track there. gosh, i haven't been there for so long! 11.26km, done.
  • 8pm, followed mum on errands again. still in running gear as she picked me up straight from the track ._.
  • 11pm, reached home dead tired.

yes i realize i've consumed quite a lot of nuts today. while a good source of protein and fats, one needs to bear in mind that they contain a substantial amount of calories. but the running + walking from shopping and doing errands warrant me a higher calorie intake today, heh. plus like i said its good fats, and i only eat them once in a while.

been working so hard lately, so i've decided that tomorrow will be rest day! and also a day for me to get a few things done - register for the SHAPE Night Run 2012, go to the orthodontist for a follow up appointment, catch up on sleep (oh yes come to momma) and basically have a day of doing nothing before cranking it up for finals next week.

i remember what happened on 25th april 2007. it's in the past now, and although it was a bad experience, i'm glad that it taught me a good lesson.

how was your 25th april? :)

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