Friday, April 6, 2012


super busy and hectic week! although the weekend has arrived, there's no letting up for me because there's still so much to be done! 

quick summary of the past few days - 

wednesday, 5th april 2012 - classes from morning til afternoon with a shooting for a video assignment in between. worked some more on my resume and a 10.5km run in the late evening when i got home.

thursday, 6th april 2012 - classes in the morning, interview in the afternoon. got home at night, stressed myself out by choosing to work on a presentation while ignoring to study for a test, both due the next day.

friday, 7th april 2012 - down with flu, with a test and presentation to face. while my group kicked ass at our presentation, i did sooo bad on my test. pfft, screw it! came home, took flu meds and snored through the whole afternoon. good friday / easter performance in church at night.

saturday (today), 8th april 2012 - 11km brisk walk, i try to replace running with brisk walks sometimes to give my knees some rest. laser tag outing with the youth this afternoon, another session at church tonight.


i wanted to put out another post on fitness / health / weight loss today but i'm gonna have to hop it soon for laser tag. hence, the intended post will have to be postponed to a more suitable time. sorry guys! meanwhile, here are some pretty tumblr pictures to appease you.

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