Tuesday, April 3, 2012


currently browsing through facebook and my picture albums, looking for a picture to attach to my resume. ideally, the picture chosen should represent who you are and show some of your characteristics, while at the same time be appropriate for viewing by a potential employer and not offensive in any way. hmm! 

i realized that i don't have many pictures where it's just me in the frame, i only have very few in fact. here are some that i shortlisted, along with the reasons why i like them, and reasons why the ones not chosen were unsuitable.


taken at the end of 2009, i like it because i look very happy here! :D but as you can see, this was so long ago that i don't really look like that anymore.

with me grinning ear-to-ear like a complete loony bin (though a happy one), dressed so casually what more in a tee that says 'little miss sunshine', i don't think that this one would be a wise choice. the background isn't very nice either.


taken at the penang botanical gardens, december 2011. also my blogger profile picture. i like this picture because (in my opinion) it does really embody who i am ; cheerful, fun-loving, an outdoor / nature girl, with a sunshiny outlook on life.

however, although it is one of the pictures which does show the type of person i am (most of the time at least), i think that it's not really suitable to use a picture with me wearing sunglasses which hide half my face in a formal document.


my current facebook profile picture. taken in cameron highlands, february 2012. i can't think of any reasons as to why i like this picture which aren't already stated in the first one. same goes for the reasons why it's not suitable as well. 

oh also, the fact that more than half of the space in it is taken up by the flower while i'm defocused in the background. while it IS a very pretty flower, potential employers would not be interested in hiring a flower.


taken at TGIF subang parade, september 2011 during my 19th birthday. while i think i look nice, it probably wouldn't be wise to have such a dimly lit picture, and with me showing so much skin.


in this picture i'd just washed my hair, put on some eyeliner, and was about to rush out the door to go to a dance bar in bangsar. taken end of last year during an extremely jam-packed month. at that time, i was half-drowning in assignments, but being the person that i am, i still squeezed in a night of salsa dancing followed by a girly sleepover and then Nike Run KL the next day although in the coming week i knew i had like five assignments due.

almost died that week, but was worth it! 

however, i also don't think that this is a good picture to use because of the background. the reason i have a picture of a bookshelf (an ugly bookshelf at that, i'll be honest) is because the laptop in my house is placed in the office. so nope, this pic is a no-go as well.


went through a few more, and i finally decided to settle on this one. 


this was around july last year, dinner with a few church friends, i'll have to crop out my surroundings. it might not wholly depict who i am, and i might not look my nicest, but i chose it because i suppose it's the most appropriate one.

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