Friday, April 20, 2012


i have been alive for more than nineteen years now, and this year will mark my twentieth. two decades of life, and what have i achieved? not very much, i have to admit. what have i done that, at the end of my life when i am old and wrinkly, will be able to look back upon and still have pride in my heart, that will still bring a smile to my weathered face? therefore, i have made a list of things that i would like to accomplish before i reach the third decade of my life.


1. Run a half marathon (21km)

come the Standard Chartered - KL Marathon (24/06/2012), this will have been completed! after that, i'll be doing another half marathon this year end in the Penang Bridge International Marathon (18/11/2012)

2. Run a full marathon (42km)
i will be taking part in SCKLM next year, under the full marathon category.

3. Conquer Mt. Kinabalu

was thinking of participating the annual Climb of Hope, where NGOs raise funds for charitable causes by organizing an expedition up Mt. Kinabalu. however, if i were to join this year, the dates would be from 25-28th April, not convenient as my finals start on 30th April. next year, i will! :)

4. Get published
or alternately, become a famous blogger. 

5. Volunteer
or go on a mission trip.

6. Swim with sharks
with me in a titanium cage, of course!

7. Bungee jump

8. Skydive

9. Ride in a hot air balloon

10. Visit the major cities of Asia 
Tokyo, Bangkok, Macau, Hong Kong, Beijing, Manila, Taipei, Seoul, and Brunei.

11. Backpack across Europe

12. Live abroad 
in any country, for more than 6months.

13. Fly across an active volcano in a helicopter

14. Participate in a speed dating session

15. Fall in love
because the best things in life are shared.

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