Monday, April 30, 2012


finished up all my assignments last week, and i'm in the midst of finals now. barely did any studying for any of the papers, but strangely enough, found today's interactive multimedia, a subject i've always had a vile loathing for, rather easy. so easy that it reeks of suspicion to me! 

anyway, i shall not bore you with mundane matters. here are some pictures of what i've been up to lately.


met up with rachel the other day. 

my marathon slash sleepover buddy! however, she's been geared more towards weight training these days. girl, work those weights and give the guys a run for their money! :)

me ; rachel
my eyes look so slanty in this picture #asianproblems

our food!

mild periperi for me, as i can't stand food that is overly spicy. 

caught up, ate, and shopped before she had to head back to college.

had mum's awesome chicken stew for dinner that same day.


captainball with the youth on saturday, followed by a movie at night.

karynn, ivan, kimberly.


had an orthodontist consultation about my braces.

mould of my teeth.

i have two wisdom teeth under my gums, and they are in a completely horizontal, as in lying-down-flat horizontal position. due to their annoyingly inconvenient position, there's no way that they will be able to come out naturally so i will have to undergo surgical removal before further steps are taken. 

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