Friday, March 2, 2012


a month ago, wongfu productions came to malaysia's humble shores.

guess what?
i was there. 


it was by utter serendipity, as i'd never actually planned to attend.

friends from penang, natalie and niwen, had bought tickets for WFP much earlier. they'd also bought bus tickets, everything was set, but the only thing they needed was a place to stay. i told my mum, and she agreed to let them come over.

when they arrived, they told my mum that they were going for WFP, and she asked me if i was going. i told her no, and she said 

"you should, since your friends are going."
"but we have to PAY to go. and it's not cheap, either."
"it's ok, just go and join them! daddy and i will give you the money."

and that was how i ended up going as well.

at pyramid before WFP.

niwen, me, natalie.

silly pose. :)

after some shopping, we headed over to lakeside for the event.

the crowd, more than 1,500 people strong.

ok the following 3 images are from my own camera, and i'm pretty proud of myself for getting such good shots!

phil says hi!

wes with his hipster glasses.

wes & phil, but no ted. 

apparently he couldn't make it due to personal issues.

during the meet & greet.
it was so humid that day, all of us were so hot and sticky!

after the meet & greet, was the actual session with WFP.

cameras flashing.

although ted couldn't be there in person, he made this humorous video for us apologizing for his absence. 

wes & phil.

they basically just shared the story of how they got started, told us about ongoing productions and developments, and we watched some videos together.

sorta like a really chill hangout session.

after the event ended, we walked around the campus a bit.

girls - snapping gratifying pictures of our reflections in a vending machine. 

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