Monday, March 26, 2012


#1 i've been wanting to get a delicate gold chain for some time now, and just the other day i did so. picked a rocking horse charm to go with it. 

my hair used to be way-past-boobs-length, but that was before my tresses were unconsentingly chopped off by a sneaky stylist. hmph, i'm not gonna go near a salon for a long time more, not til my hair has grown til at least waist length!

#2 my favourite trusty sunnies and a list of grocery staples which include toilet paper.

#3 used up my remaining book vouchers for the three (there is another book wrapped together underneath the bottom right one) books on the right which are :
      a) chicken soup for the runner's soul
      b) men are from mars, women are from venus
      c) mars and venus on a date

picked a highlighter and pen only to use up the last few ringgit in the balance. it escapes my comprehension how people can spend their rm200 book vouchers purely on stationery - funky clips, sparkly notebooks, glitter pens, cutesy erasers in the shape of bunnies / teddy bears, etc. 

#4 saw this at tesco some time ago, ha.

#5 spinach, cabbage, tofu. some (actually, most) people don't understand how i can eat like this and like it, but i do too, so shut up you.

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  1. Hi Cheryl,great to know another fellow runner. Can I know where did u buy Chicken Soup for Soul: Runners? Been looking for it.