Friday, March 30, 2012


definition of ironic - sitting on my ass wasting away a perfectly good evening for a run, watching nike running commercials instead of getting out there myself.

running wise, this has been a not-so-good week. on average, i do 40km a week. however, it's already friday and i'm only 17km down, not even halfway through.

monday - 7km.
tuesday - 10km in the rain.
wednesday - nope.
thursday - was supposed to go in the evening, but was so tired when i got home from coll, that i slept til 9pm.
friday - although i have classes from 9-5pm, i still thought of getting up early and going, but it was raining hard in the morning. 

was feeling slightly guilty about taking three days off in a row. however, i realized that it doesn't matter if i take a day off (or two or three) once in a while, because no matter what, i know that i will still have it in me to get up and go.

15km tomorrow morning. rain or shine. no excuses, it WILL happen.



meal 1, 0800hrs
- two apples, one medium and one small
- coffee
- oats

meal 2, 1300hrs
- two pieces of tofu
- spinach
- turnip

meal 3, 1830hrs
- spinach
- cabbage
- one piece of tofu

snack, 2000hrs
- coffee
- one slice wholegrain bread.

i need to get more carbs in my diet.

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