Sunday, March 18, 2012


18th may 2007, i was in my first (and only) relationship. it lasted just three months.

fast forward five years, and i haven't been with anyone since that relationship soured. i'm not whining about being single ; i know God has plans for each one of us, and it is not yet His time.

the thing i fail to comprehend, however, is this - i can accept the status (or nonexistence) of my love life, so how come other people can't? after all, it's not like whether i'm attached or not would affect them in any significant manner? why must they question so much and be so annoyingly anxious to know the details of every guy i hang out with? is it so darned important, so urgent for you to have to know how i'm doing in the field?


one scenario that would be an example would be :

i'm out with a regular friend, who just so happens to be a guy. it's just the two of us, and we're probably just hanging and talking about regular stuff. people see me, a single girl, out alone with this boy. AND THEN it starts. tongues start wagging, people start gossiping, saying things like 
"eh that one your boyfriend ah?" 
"wah got new boyfriend already hor!!"

oh you guys are hanging so far out with curiosity, how it amuses me.

i wouldn't mind mild questions so much, things like "so are you going out with anyone?" "have you been interested in anyone lately?" it's just when people bug me, and ask me SO MUCH, that it start to get pissed off. i don't go around shouting out my friends details, and its really infuriating when people hurl blatant inquiries such as

 "so what does his father work as?"
 "is his family rich?"
 "how many siblings does he have?"
 "does he go to church?"
 "is his mum a housewife?"
 "what kind of house does he live in?"
 "where does he study?"
 "what course is he doing?"
 "what car does he drive?"

i mean, EXCUSE ME? do you even realize how bloody rude and insensitive you're being?

what, can't i just spend time with my guy friends without being interrogated about every single one of them? 

you know what, if you're really so eager for me to get attached, you should stop grilling me about all the guys you see me with, because that only irritates me to no end and makes me not want to get together with anyone at all, just to shut you up. if i'm not in a relationship and you're already talking up such a storm, i shudder to think about all the fodder you'd have for fresh gossip if i were to actually show any fathoms of interest in anyone at all.

it's not just me, i'm guessing all this also would cause all my guy friends to feel uncomfortable as they likely get the feeling that they're being scrutinized under a microscope for every single detail that would give an inkling to what they're like. as a result, they'd probably stop hanging out with me, thus decreasing my exposure to the opposite gender and weakening my chances of getting together with anyone anytime soon.

as fascinating as it may seem to you, i'd really appreciate you holding back your waves of inquisition.


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