Monday, March 12, 2012


as i mentioned in my previous post, i was in ipoh during the weekend. we didn't stroll around leisurely doing sightseeing / touristy stuff like that though, the youth at Elim Gospel Hall had already planned activities for us.

  • reached ipoh
  • lunch
  • laser tag
  • captainball
  • dinner
  • fellowship + worship + sharing session
  • supper

  • church
  • breakfast
  • youth session
  • lunch
  • depart back to kl


not many pictures, but here's the measly few that i do have.

at least i got ONE touristy picture! :)

us, after we got off the train.

ipoh popiah. 

right before departure.

the train station was actually busy and bustling, its a wonder how i managed to get this shot that looks so deceivingly silent and still.

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