Monday, March 5, 2012


as if we don't already have a hard time keeping our nutrition intake in check, the infamous McD's doubles promotion has once again come upon us.

double the taste, double the enjoyment?

they forgot to mention a few other teensy little things :

double the fat!

double the calories!
double the oil!
double the sugar!
double the chemicals!

double the sodium, flavourings, additives, preservatives and goodnessknowswhatotherrubbish!

as they increase the number of patties, so shall the rolls of flab around your midsection multiply!

i realized that i tend to talk a lot about abnormal chemicals and compounds in our food, without really explaining. so i dug around a bit, and here's what i discovered.

chemicals found in McD's products include : 
  • Propylene glycol - This chemical has similar properties to ethylene glycol, a dangerous anti-freeze. It  prevents products from becoming too solid. Some ice creams have this  ingredient; otherwise you'd be eating ice.
  • Shellac - This chemical used to finish wood products also gives some candies their sheen. It comes from the female Lac beetle.
  • L-cycsteine - A common dough enhancer, comes from hair, feathers, hooves and bristles.
  • Ammonium SulfateCommon uses for this chemical include - as an agricultural fertilizer, fire extinguisher, soaping agent. Oh and guess what, it is also used in commercial bread as a dough enhancer, aiding the rise of yeast.
  • Silicon dioxide - Nothing weird about eating sand, right? This anti-caking agent is found in many foods including shredded cheese and fast food chili.
  • Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate - Used in the treatment of leather and a dispersant in petroleum production, this chemical is found in hash browns to keep the colour from fading.
  • Dimethylpolysiloxane - Sounds like a cool tongue twister, doesn't it? This is found in the list of ingredients for Mcnuggets. it is also employed as an anti-foaming agent and is one of the components of plasticine.

Interesting reads :


I'm Lovin It, NOT.

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