Saturday, March 24, 2012

DAY IN THE LIFE #5 : SATURDAY, 24/03/2012

feeling substantially better compared to a few days ago, thank you everyone for all your kind concern, the phone calls, the texts, fb messages! 

*blows kisses*


i had a great day today! 


meal 1, 1000hrs
- rolled oats
- one fuji apple
- coffee
- boiled chicken breast

meal 2, 1400hrs
- two pieces of tofu
- lettuce
- beansprouts

snack, 1700hrs
- two slices of papaya
- one slice of rock melon

meal 3, 2100hrs
- 4 egg whites + tuna + tomato
- coffee
- watermelon


  • got more than 12hours of sleep last night, which was a huge relief after getting by on roughly 4hours each day for the past week!

  • went to subang parade, and got a couple of things - two books and a bottle of nail polish.

me likey how the nutritional book i got states loudly that "THIS IS NOT A DIET BOOK." who likes dieting anyway? not me! a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise and smart choices of food is much better, donchathink? 

  • MPSJ in the evening, 11.5km.

  • came home and ate my yummy protein-packed dinner! made this with plain yogurt as a dressing, so much healthier than mayonnaise and just as deliciously creamy!

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