Friday, March 9, 2012


leaving to ipoh in a couple hours, and i know i haven't blogged much this week. therefore i felt obligated to make one post to leave with you in my absence.

just random allsorts thrown together since i don't have much time right now. pics from my phone, taken here and there.


running @ mpsj a few days ago. 
i normally just go to the park in my housing area. however i felt like doing something different, and decided to walk to mpsj to run. 

it was a nice change in surrounding and atmosphere. in fact, i think i'll probably try to go there once or twice every week from now on.

after i was done.
which reminds of this image i found.

it speaks the truth!

running essentials ; changed into comfy flipflops after i was done eating up the track.

remember when i said i thought weight training would be interesting?

nah, just kidding. i don't weight train, only eat clean and run frequently.

with that, my job here is done and i'm off to ipoh!

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