Thursday, February 16, 2012


would love to have a personal trainer kick my ass whenever i'm feeling lazy, heh. 


i love the outdoors, i love running and i run probably an average of 12hours a week (including time to warm up, stretch, cool down, ice, etc.)

also, unless a gym membership magically falls into my lap, i'm too skint to cough up for one myself.

i don't see myself ever giving up the hours that i put into running, but lately, i've noticed that weight training is featured in almost all the prohealth websites i frequent. i've been reading a few articles and poking around a bit, and if i could, i'd be more than happy to begin a weight training routine.

when i mention this to others, the majority of them gasp in shock, 

"good lord, a girl wanting to weight train? shock, horror, complete sacrilege!"

most of them probably equate weight training to looking like this

PEOPLE, calm your socks down.

those kind of results are insanely difficult to reach, and are almost impossible to reach unless you seriously have a ironclad diet plan and extremely strict, structured training routine. 

anyway, that's not what i'm aiming for.

when i say "i want to weight train", this is more of what i have in mind.
why do i want to weight train? here, have a look.

lean muscle.
sexy cuts in your back, thighs, shoulders.
defined abs.
a toned physique.
all those and more.

the person in the last picture is fay hokulani, one of my favourite female health bloggers who also consistently weight trains. 


so, anyone with a gym membership want a training buddy? :D

p.s. i'm serious.

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