Monday, February 20, 2012


ever since i entered secondary school til the day i graduated, i'd kept my hair short. upon graduation, i decided that from then on, i was going to grow my hair as long as possible.

it took me about 2years to grow my hair as it is in the picture below.

a couple of weeks ago, i went to the salon and told the stylist that i wanted "only a trim."

she said that she'd have to cut off "slightly more" as i hadn't trimmed my tresses for quite some time and there were more than a few split ends.

"slightly more", indeed.

speaking of which,

at the time of my visit to the salon which was merely about month ago, the stylist had said she was going to have to cut off more of my hair in order to get rid of the split ends i'd accumulated over more than half a year.

however, it was completely pointless of her to do so as just last week, i found more split ends.

*le me sitting in church bored, starts to fidget around, check my nails and hair. discovery of a split end is made.*

me : hey do you know what a split end is?
ivan : what's that?
me : it's when your hair's ends are stressed, and they well you know, split. *shows him the aforementioned split end.*
ivan : oh gosh, let me see let me see! *holds it close and inspects it curiously* 
wow this is really cool, i've never seen anything like it before!

oh well, screw split ends! who cares if i have them, no one even notices their presence anyway.

p.s. the fact that guys seem to think they're 'cool' is just another reason for me not to care, heh.

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