Thursday, February 2, 2012


“There’s a plane leaving for anywhere you want right now, and in an hour, and in a day, and in a year. You can get out whenever you want, it’s comforting I think.”

today during my social psychology class, our lecturer was teaching us about self knowledge. 

self concept - who you think you are as a person, changes over time. 

self awareness - the act of thinking about yourself and who you are.

as an exercise to get us familiar with the lesson, she asked us to come up with a few self concepts to share with the class. i came up with more than a few, and i thought i'd share what i have here.

  • i don't get emotionally attached to people easily.
  • in areas that matter to me, i set very high standards for myself and get angry at myself when i don't meet them.
  • my current passions are, writing and health / fitness.
  • i walk the line between optimism and realism.
  • i want to live in another country / countries for at least 5 years of my life.
  • by the age of 25, i want to have travelled to at least 10 different countries.
  • i express myself better through writing.
  • i have a high sensitivity towards other people's feelings and emotions.
  • i like being alone sometimes.
  • i think a lot about the past and future.
  • i set goals and work hard towards them.
  • i want to have two kids.
  • i love sports, and am a very competitive person.
  • i want to get married before the age of 27.
  • i fear growing old alone.

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