Monday, February 13, 2012


just posting up the remaining photos of my trip to penang last year. pics are from here, there, and about.

natalie and i at her house.
 love the floor-to-ceiling mirror.

at queensbay mall.
adrian (yeap), zac, sam.

adrian totally looks like he's got something up his sleeve in the above picture!

and another one of them.
i thought i looked X(
hence the ms paint job.


during my stay with nat, i'd wake her up in the mornings, and we'd head to the gym together. she said that i was a good way of keeping her disciplined. 

in nat's room, pre workout.

at the gym, post workout.

morning market at sg. ara

breakfast with nat, adrian (lim), cheeyang, zoe, and ailyn who was taking this picture.

with adrian and cheeyang.

they insisted that i smile with teeth showing.
and on an unrelated note, i think adrian looks like fido dido.

doesn't he?


at nat's house baking cookies.

while nat and zoe were the ones baking, ailyn and i just watched. 
too many cooks spoil the broth!

ailyn and i, reflected in a large pot.

awesomesauce sheperd's pie that nat's mum made. i usually don't like pie cos i find it so heavy and pasty, but the only pastry in this pie was the crust on top, while everything else was veggies. :D

cookie batter.

nat and zoe putting the cookies into molds.

looking mighty pleased with their handiwork.

the cookies.

us girls.
and again, they insisted that i smile with teeth showing.

and that's all the pictures that i have from my trip to penang, december 2011.

looking back through these photos really brought mixed feelings. 

on one hand, it made me smile to remember all the fun and laughter that i had with them while i was there.
on the other, it's sort of a killjoy to think that i'm so far away from them, what more zac who's in singapore and nat who'll be leaving to US in a couple more months.

oh well, i suppose i'll always have memories. 

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