Friday, February 10, 2012


yesterday was an exhausting day. despite getting only 3hours of sleep the night before, i had to get my ass to class at 9am, and only got back after 5pm. crashed in bed as soon as i got home, and woke up today at 5.30am. 

however, the long hours of sleep did revitalize me enough, and i went running this morning.
10kms done, ahh.

beginning my day with an early morning run always puts me in a good mood and give me a sense of satisfaction.


know what else is looking good about today?

i'm heading up to cameron highlands with my family in a short while! this year, it's my sister's turn to go for RBS. we'll be staying one night at Heritage Hotel @ Tanah Rata, then visiting her tomorrow afternoon before driving back down to KL.

hoping to be able to fit in a run while we're there. running in the cold, misty weather of the highlands would be wonderful!

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