Thursday, February 9, 2012


recently, someone came to me, all gungho fired up with confidence, brimming with eagerness and hope. she said "cheryl, tell me how you managed to achieve so much, how you lost so much weight, got so fit and healthy. i wanna know, because i want it too! i want it so badly! tell me everything, how you got started, what do you do now, what i should know, etc etc etc ..."

so i sat down with her, and in a lengthy, detailed conversation, i shared my story, what i do, what i eat, what my workouts are like, etc. i told her what she'd better be prepared for, what she was going to have to be willing to do and commit to, and the changes she would have to make to her current lifestyle.

as i talked, i noticed that the initial spark that she had when she first approached me waning, her seemingly spirited demeanor drooping. when i was done, she quaveringly said "i appreciate your telling me all that,but that's.. just so difficult! i don't think i'd ever be able to do all those things. i can't. it's too hard, too strict, too much. sooo yeah, thanks, but it's ok."

and she walked away, the same person that she had been when she came to me.


my point of sharing this here, is that - if you want something you've never had, you've gotta do something you've never done. 

albert einstein once said, "foolishness is doing the something the same way over and over again and expecting different results", so don't expect change to happen by just sitting around and hoping for it.

you CAN make it happen, it just depends on how badly you want it. the girl in the situation above said she wanted badly to change, but apparently she wanted her current lifestyle more, or else she would have been willing to give it up in favour of a healthier one.

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