Friday, February 17, 2012


some of the health & fitness websites i frequent have user-generated content. that means, readers are encouraged to send articles, comments, pictures, and so on. in one of those websites, there's a column for readers to share what they ate, complete with pictures and descriptions.

so for some time now, i've been wanting to make a post about what a usual day is like for me, primarily focusing on exercise and food.

attempted to chronicle my doings yesterday, but failed to complete it (you shall see why i say it was incomplete later in this post.)


FRIDAY, 17th Feb 2012


woke up to go running, did 6km. was contemplating if i could notch up another km , but decided that i had to go home and get ready for college.  

(if you're wondering what that orange thingy attached to my shoe is, it's the tracer for last year's Nike Run KL to track my distance and timing.) 


 one granny smith apple, half a cup of rolled oats made with lowfat milk + some raisins, iced coffee.

breakfast is very important to me. every day i allocate a time of one hour and a half hour before going to college to prepare and eat it. it's also one of my favourite meals, and i enjoy taking my time to consume it slowly before starting my day.

coffee and i, we have a very special relationship. try taking my coffee away from me, i will hunt you down, i will make you suffer, and i shall eliminate you. nothing shall ever come between coffee and i, ever.

a lot of people think coffee is bad for you due to the amount of milk, sugar, and creamer in it. yes, coffee isn't so good if you drink those 3-in-1 kinds, or grab a cup of starbucks / coffeebean / gloria jean's. (commercially prepared coffees are a disaster, do you know how much thick cream, heavy syrup, and fullcream, fullfat milk go into one of those trendy, frothy cappucinos that you so happily slurp down? just one order can have an equivalent of more than 500calories!)

however, only 3 things go into the coffee i make : one teaspoon of pure ground coffee powder, hot water, half a cup of lowfat milk, and half a teaspoon of brown sugar. ahh, my recipe for happiness.


on fridays, i have class from 9-5pm. so i reached college and headed to class, only to find no one there. after some calls, found out that the first class of the day had been cancelled.

i could have run longer and gone that extra km, arrgghh.


mixed rice for lunch!
broccoli and tofu, yummers. i LOVE broccoli (actually, i love about all green leafy veggies) and tofu.

sorry for the ugly picture, i'd actually forgotten that i was supposed to be taking pictures of my food for this post and had already eaten a quarter of my lunch before i realized.

i'm glad that there are lots of restaurants / stalls selling mixed rice near my college, because that means i get to choose which foods and how much of them i want.

maybe you've noticed there's no 'rice' in my lunch that i got from the mixed rice stall, that's cos i don't eat rice. white rice, that is. why so? because white rice has practically zero (or very little) nutrients apart from carbs.what's more, since white rice has been processed and refined, it's a high GI (glycaemic index) food, which means it quickly releases energy. hence, people who fill up on white rice probably end up feeling hungry again soon after meals.

if you have a lifestyle that has lots of physical activity (e.g. if you're a construction worker / lumberjack / competitive athlete) then yeah, white rice would be not-so-bad for you to consume since you'll require lots of energy to sustain that activity. but since most people lead sedentary lifestyles with moderate activity, you should probably be cautious about eating too much white rice.


came home from college, ate a granny smith apple and a slice of wholegrain bread before going to my room and taking a nap while waiting for dinner.

however, i snoozed on and one and missed out on dinner - i only woke up from sleep this morning at 5.30am. therefore, my reason for stating that this post was incomplete is because i didn't eat any dinner. i am strongly against skipping meals and always make sure to eat properly through out the day.

due to that, and also because making this post was a fun process, i shall be doing another post like this one again! :)

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