Wednesday, February 29, 2012


some time ago, i went to this event. most of the people who were going to be there were people i hadn't seen in a long while. when i walked in, gasps and excited squeals abounded.
"woah, you've lost so much weight! how did you do it?"

and people gathered around to listen to what i had to say. as to everyone who asks me, i told them what i had done - eat healthy, exercise, and sleep. they nodded animatedly, hungrily taking in what i was saying. a good half hour later, i was still talking to them, fielding questions and telling them things.

after that,"well it's been nice talking to you people, but i'm gonna hit the buffet now." i loaded up my plate - with greens, lean protein, and complex carbs. i came back, and saw people eyeing my plate, scrutinizing what i was eating. well whatevs, i get that a lot nowadays, and i try to just close my eye to it. after i'd finished my food, i went back to the buffet selection for a second round.

i returned to the table, and again, the audience observed my plate. it's a little unsettling and makes me feel rather uncomfortable, but like i said, that's what happens - people want to know what i eat. however, a girl seated a few places away from me (who ironically, had been one of the people appealing to me the loudest for details on how i shed the pounds) looked at me with critical scrutiny, and commented in a judgemental tone 

"eeyer.. why you eat so much one orrhh.." 

i just shrugged, gave her a smile, and waved it off over light banter. when i was done with my second plate, i went back a third time for fruits and some light desserts. i came back, and this time, people didn't even BOTHER to be subtle.

them :

"walao, third round ah?"
"crazy ah you eat so much?"
"fuiyo, still eating?"

me :

excuse me, WHO exactly is the one who dropped the pounds, WHO is the one here who is emphasizing and trying her best to live healthy?

if i recall correctly, just moments ago YOU were the ones who were begging me to share how I got in shape, and now you're throwing snarky looks at my plate and telling me that i 'eat too much'?

i don't say anything when you slurp down rich strands of cheesy pasta!
i don't yell at you for eating deep fried tempura!
i don't bitchily chastise you for eating sickly sweet macarons!
i don't get outraged that you're gorging yourselves on decadent, creamy eclairs!

but hey you know what? since you think you know so much, since you apparently have all the knowledge in the world and are the best judge on how much and what to eat, fine then. i'm glad you're such experts, and i'll just happily keep my advice to myself, then we'll BOTH be happy.

you want to believe that you can only lose weight on strict diets where you consume nothing but carrot sticks and water?
you want to adhere to thinking that you have to eat eenie-minnie-tiny meals and be hungry all the time to get in shape?

good for you then, suit yourself. now excuse me while i go stuff my face.

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