Friday, February 24, 2012


told you guys i was gonna make a proper post about what a random day in the life is like for me, and i have! 
(you can read my first attempt here)



sorry for the bad quality picture.
it was still dark, and i had just woken up from sleep.

10k run + stretching. 
came home and iced my knees after that.

ice therapy after longer runs is a must for me. the night before my run, i fill plastic bags with water and dump them in the freezer. post-run the next day, i take the bags out and run water over them to melt the ice a little so that it conforms to the shape of my legs.

why the need for ice therapy?

during intense workouts, your heart quickly pumps more blood to your legs to supply the muscles with oxygen and nutrients. but post-run, your heartbeat decreases, and the blood which has been drained of its energy remains in your legs. this leads to a buildup of lactic acid, a substance that will eat away at your muscles if not flushed out. the solution is ice therapy.

ice therapy causes the blood vessels to contract and forces the blood out. after you are done icing, your legs will have been drained of the 'old' blood. as body temperature returns to normal, new blood rushes to fill your legs, rejuvenating your muscles and helping your cells to function.

more information about ice therapy can be found here.


coffee, one granny smith apple, and rolled oats.
yes, i eat the same breakfast almost every day.

that box was from Nike Run KL and i use it to keep my earphones.


cabbage and three eggs.

ate lunch while working on my speech for presentation skills. the topic i chose? healthy living. :)


ate two slices of papaya while 9gagging in the lab and waiting for class to begin.


one packet of watermelon.
class ended at 6, so i had something to eat while waiting for my mum.


pieces of yong taufu with a plate lettuce.
had dinner with my mum, we shared the food in the picture above. 

i took three pieces of tofu and lots of cabbage.


rolled oats and coffee over newspaper comics and Man vs. Food.

in case you don't know what MvF is about, it's a show encompassing american food and sees the host, Adam Richman partaking in some sort of 'challenge' where he is required to eat a mountain of food in a certain period of time.

when i watch MvF, i feel a morbid combination of fascination and disgust. fascinated, yet disgusted at the wanton gluttony and mindless indulgence of some people. how can anyone force down so much fat, sugar, oil, refined flour, and more garbage into their bodies? how is anyone able to gorge themselves until they are stuffed, their bellies pushed to the limit, until they make a fool out of themselves by throwing up? and even if he completes the challenge, so what? you're still a loser, just one that has consumed a gazillion million calories.

it just makes no sense at all to me, and juxtaposes so fiercely with the vast numbers of people out there who are starving, their stomachs growling in desperate hunger. there are people who are dying of malnutrition, who have not had a meal in days, yet some still indulge themselves in mindless acts of greed and perceived bravado by chowing down on burgers the size of truck tyres.


read the bible for a while before hitting the sack. i don't read it often enough though. i really should. 

i always try to sleep before 12, as sleep is important for your health. however since classes resumed, due to the commitments of college, i've been getting not nearly as much hours of zzz's as i should.


as you can see, i'm no small eater. i do eat quite a lot! however i make sure to eat healthy, and keep my portions in check. exercise, good nutrition, and adequate sleep are key in a healthy lifestyle. 

about to go for a run soon, but the sky looks like it's gonna pour! must be due to my neighbour's adolescent son passionately singing christina perri's 'thousand years' at the top of his lungs in nasally prepubescent tones, heh. i hope he stops singing, and that the sky will clear up. 

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