Monday, January 30, 2012


during CNY, my family headed up north as penang is my dad's hometown. sadly, he hails from the mainland and not the island, so the mainland was mostly where we were. however we did cross over to the island once, for lunch at my dad's friend's apartment.

 with uncle chee keong and auntie lay hong at their place.

sis and i.

both of us dyed our hair using liese dye, but with different colours. hers is chestnut brown, mine is dark chocolate. the colour didn't seem obvious AT ALL when i'd just dyed it, and i was rather disappointed. however it brightened considerably after a few washes, so now i'm satisfied with the colour and i'm glad i didn't go any lighter.

mum, sis, me, bro.

another shot of sis and i.

bro and i in the car.

we went to town after that for some sightseeing. one thing that my dad really wanted to do was get tau sar peahs, or as they are otherwise known, dragonballs. so we dropped in at him hiang for their tau sar peahs.

i didn't know that Burma Road Gospel Hall was only a few doors away from Him Hiang biscuit factory!

standing at the entrance of Burma Road Gospel Hall. :)

dad also took us to ghee hiang to get their tau sar peahs, unfortunately they were closed.

after penang island, we went to kepala batas to visit some of my relatives who own paddyfields there.

night time slowly falling, transitioning the sky from day to dusk.



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