Tuesday, January 17, 2012


the other day, i was waiting at the bus stop. although i was alone, it was late afternoon - broad daylight, so i was pretty comfortable sitting there on my own.

suddenly, this alfa romeo pulled up and the guy rolled down the windows.

him : hey, where are you going? need a ride?
me : no thanks, i'm fine.
him : don't worry about it, i can help you out! where you headed?
me : i said i'm fine. i don't need a ride.
him : come on, it's on the way, let me take you there!
me : *how the hell would you know it's on the way when you don't even know where i'm going?*
me : nope.

ignored his continued nattering, and after a while he drove off.

then, this other car, a wira, stopped right in front of me. the dude inside gave me a glance, then just sat there. i figured he was waiting for someone, so i didn't bother. however, some time passed and he was still there. i happened to look in his direction again, and oh gawsh.

he was sitting there, pleasuring himself.
how annoyingly pathetic.

*rolls eyes in disgust*

these losers really need to get a life.


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