Thursday, January 12, 2012


just mulling over the past year, thinking about what i've done and how i've changed. 

one of my biggest, most important moments of 2011 was definitely when i decided to make the transition to living a healthy life. i still remember being very depressed about gaining so much weight. 

in 2010, i'd just graduated from high school and i was moving around a lot. due to my constant travelling, i flung all caution to the wind, telling myself all this was OK since i was on holiday. i ended up eating whatever i wanted and not exercising. the pounds piled on, my clothes grew tighter, and i positively ballooned. 

however the shocker came in 2011, when i woke up to just how ludicrous my circumstances had become.

dug up some pictures from the past, and i shocked even myself. how did i ever let myself get so large? how could i have fooled myself into thinking, that my situation was 'not that bad'?

yes, these photos do make me wince with humiliation. but i want to share them here, for everyone to see and as a reminder to myself, to never, NEVER, go back to that stage.

i'll smack myself in the face if i do! not only that but i give you, every single one of you reading this, the ample and indisputable right to do the same and throw me a punch in the jaw!


THEN                                            NOW

  • bad skin
  • difficulty in falling asleep
  • way overweight
  • flabby
  • not fit
  • always exhausted 
  • ate lots of crap processed food
  • unhappy

  • relatively clear skin save for the odd zit
  • i fall asleep like a baby!
  • lost all the weight i’d gained plus some more ; clothes which used to fit in high school are now too loose :D
  • energy levels are through the roof!
  • eat clean, wholesome, foods
  • and i’m the happiest i’ve ever been!!


dear me,

if you ever get frustrated, or feel like giving up, look at these pictures. remember how grouchy and uncomfortable you used to be when you weren't eating right, sleeping enough and exercising consistently. 

conversely, you have never been happier, you have never felt more proud of yourself, than when you saw it through to eat clean, get enough sleep, and make exercise a constant in your life. 

IT IS WORTH IT. every single minute of it. it was, is, and will be worth it! aren't you glad that you now are able to run hard, you aren't dragging yourself from bed to class, that you don't feel sluggish and tired all the time? aren't you proud to have definition in your abs, to have the ability to work longer and be more active? aren't you proud to have your leanest body yet, to have the confidence and happiness you now own? you've worked hard for it, so hold on to it jealously, and do not let anything take it from you.

don't EVER let anything stumble you, and drag you back down. yes, you will fail. time and time again. but that's ok. learn from your mistakes, and come back stronger than ever. take pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go!


watch me, i'll go far.

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