Monday, January 2, 2012


so, one week after returning from bible camp, i went to penang AGAIN. this time it was to spend time with friends and see penang properly. 

in the bus, on the journey there.


sights along the way 

limestone hills

lush green slopes

and i reached penang just as the sun was setting. 

zack picked me up from the bus station, then we went for dinner with adrian and choon guan. headed to queensbay cos the guys wanted chatime for dessert. after that, it was with zack back to his place to crash for the night. 


the next morning, we went to the penang botanical gardens. a couple other people were supposed to come but they pulled a disappearing act on us, so it was just zack and i.

pictures from the botanical gardens 

lily pond.

me standing on a bridge. 

rushing waters right below my feet.

a flower in a cheerful sunshiny colour.

part of the gardens.

sun shining through the trees

insects busily collecting nectar from a flower.

cannonball tree - aptly named due to the resemblance of its fruits to cannonballs.

a plaque on one of the bridges

one of the two hiking trails we went on. this was the more challenging one. steps upon endless steps, phew! every time we thought we were reaching the top, we'd come to a turn which would only reveal more steps. but we couldn't bear throw in the towel and turn back, so we soldiered on.

saw this flag proudly hanging from one of the trees on our way up.

almost at the top!

we finally reached, but too bad there was too much foliage to get a clear view.

we saw monkeycups as well.

a plaster i spotted on the trail. :)

finished our running / hiking, then walked around the entrance of the gardens a bit more before leaving.

more lilypads! this time, they were bigger ones.



the lotus flowers are so pretty!

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