Sunday, January 8, 2012


blogging from where i left off in my previous post (click!)
so we decided to go to the monkeycup garden. or rather, zac was the one who wanted to go and seeing him so enthusiastic about it, i was up for it as well.

at the start of the trail, they were offering buggy services to people wanting to go there, but we chose to walk. it was quite a bit further than we expected and took us a substantial amount of time.

but it was still really nice to leisurely walk and talk, at times veering off the path to take a pause and look out upon penang island from above where we were, and then continue on our way.

took a number of random pictures as we went on our way.

zack ; me.

mirrors were placed at sharp bends in the road for buggies to have a better view round the corner. 

got tired of taking pictures of /by myself. 
thus, i yelled (yelled because he'd wandered off some distance in front)

"hey zac, get back here! let's take a picture!"

he responded to my orders by photobombing me.

at one of the lookout points.

because i was unable to get a full shot from the road, we climbed onto the rocks, where i was successful. 

a spider and its web.
charlotte, is that you?

found a very english-looking postbox.

i like how he looks so happy in this picture. would have done the same, but 
1) copying someone is lame and 
2) he might look cool, but i'd have looked retarded anyway.

so i did my own (albeit boring) poses with the postbox.

found a hibiscus flower on the ground, probably had already bloomed past its prime and fallen there. picked it up and put it in my hair.


you can see penang bridge in the background.

butterfly and its shadow.

finally, we reached our destination!

sign at the entrance.

couldn't help thinking of these as we wandered round the gardens.

can't believe i still remember their names - bellsprout, weepinbell, victreebell.

yup, i played pokemon when i was younger. it was an awesome game!

signs like these were placed around the area as well.

part of the gardens.

you can see my funny-looking socks. ehh, whatevs.

flytrap plant! 
we had fun poking it with some twigs, just to see if it would close as though an insect really had landed on it. 

a big monkeycup plant.


flowers that we saw along the way.

forgive the injustice my unprofessional camera does to their beauty.

ok this is not a flower, but i have no idea what it's called.

aren't God's creations so magnificently exquisite?

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